Electric Basics

Snap Circuits

Have fun learning basic electronics with simple easy to assemble Snap Circuits. The RC Snap Rover pictured, is our most popular unit for single user purchase. The Rover, like all snap circuits in our catalog, use colorful components and color coded connection points for simplicity in assembly and visual learning capabilities. There is no soldering required with any of the Snap Circuit electronic learning tools. All snap circuits have multiple uses. All parts snap together with ease. Once completed, you will have a clear understanding, through hands on experience, and manual instructions, with the exact circuits used on devices like Curiousity, the mars rover with remote control. Enterprise Mission, all about Mars.


Find the one that is right for you. All prices include shipping and handling. Build basic electrical wiring projects or complex electronics networks. Young women and men will have fun learning electronics and designing practical circuits with easy to understand hands on projects.


More than thirty ROBOTS designed to introduce students into the exciting world of robotics. Designed with high schools and technical college students in mind, these robots come complete with detailed instructions. These kits make geat class projects for beginners. Kits requiring soldering are indicated in description.

Generators and Electric Motors

Build your own operating generator, motor, bell or light. Have fun while learning basic electrical wiring principles of rotating equipment, alarm systems and lighting. Visit Action Kits.


Solar power is used as an alternate energy power sources to operate lights, motors, electronics and other loads. You will have fun with a dynamic building and learning experience that offers a lifetime of enjoyment. Knowledge of solar power offers a plethoria of opportunities for a fantastic career.


VISIT SOLAR for some ideas that will give you hands on fun while learning basic electrical wiring principles of this fantastic alternate energy solution.

ElectricBasics.com where it is fun to learn electronics and basic electrical wiring. Find fantastic  gift ideas for young people with an inclination to learn about electro-mechanical devices. Have fun with solar power, the energy source of the future. You will find basic electrical and electronics educational kits, electronic toys, tools and devices to enhance your learning experience. Special emphasis is placed on providing quality material and fast delivery. Watch for updates with new educational kits, electronic kit, tools and training equipment added regularly. Warranty information and questions about customer service and security can be answered at our information page.

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