Electric Basics
Amphibious Solar Vehicle
TURBO 3000 OWI-8606 (Optional Solar Power) TURBO 3000 will amaze children nine years and older. This monster vehicle with oversized tires and independent suspension is “tricked-out”. It features three modes of propulsion: direct motor drive, air propulsion, and solar power (optional). The kit includes electricity experiments involving series and parallel circuits and a high powered miniature light bulb. The special air-blowing compartment allows the styrofoam ball (included) to magically float into the air while the car is running. No tools are required for this easy to assemble and disassemble magical beastly beauty. If that’s not enough, some of its transparent parts allow you to view and study the inner mechanics of the product.

Ages 9 & up. Turbo 300 Optional Solar Power  Model OWI-8606   BUY NOW: $23.95

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